What’s Old is New Again · July 18, 2009

Thanks to the awesome web-styling skills of Mr. Ryan Donahue, the site has received an overhaul. We took it from Textpattern to WordPress. It’s a move I made reluctantly, because I liked Textpattern and am familiar with it, but it’s not really being actively developed or supported that well anymore. There are subtle differences to the site, but all for the better (I hope). Now I just have to remember to blog things more often so that there are reasons to keep you visiting! Commenting is easier on this platform as well, so feel free to comment on posts if you have something to say.

If you’ve subscribed to my site using an RSS or Atom feed reader, you will need to change the URL you’re using to download the feeds, as Texxtpattern and WordPress do things differently in that department. The new links to the feeds can be found toward the top of the page in the sidebar to your right.

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