2008 ImageOut Film Festival · September 10, 2008

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Since February of this year, I’ve been watching, voting on, and reviewing film submissions for the ImageOut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. I’m a member of the Programming and Outreach volunteer committees. Hundreds of films are submitted each year for consideration for the festival, and they all need to be screened by the Programming group. Needless to say, I didn’t watch a lot of mainstream movies or read any books during that time! This was my first year as a volunteer for the festival. It has been very interesting to see the amount of work that goes into programming and coordinating the festival, and it has given me a greater appreciation for it.

The festival runs from October 10th through the 19th this year and includes 48 films or shorts programs. The lineup has finally been announced and the programs printed and posted online! Anyone interested in seeing the lineup, reading the film synopses and reviews, or just getting more information on the festival can go here.

The Programming committee members share the responsibility for doing the film write-ups that you’ll see online and in the program booklet. This year, I did the write-ups for Were The World Mine, Be Like Others, Tru Loved, and In Sickness And In Health. I would describe each of those films here, but with all the time I spent writing them up for the program, you can just follow the links and read them there. I encourage you to read the reviews of all of the movies and programs in the festival, not just mine; they’re all great!

There will be a Festival Fair at the Rochester Museum & Science Center on Monday, September 15th. Two films will be shown and this will be the first opportunity for people to purchase tickets for the festival. Programming committee members will be on hand to answer questions about any films.

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