Evergreen Trails – A camping experience for the whole family · June 30, 2008

We went camping this past weekend at a campground called Evergreen Trails. While my definition of camping is putting everything you need into a pack on your back and heading into the woods, this place has cabins, furnished with the basics: electricity, heat, beds, and a refrigerator. There are different styles and sizes, but the one we stayed in was a 4-person cabin, with a small refrigerator, hot plate, and a coffee maker. We had a water spigot outside of the cabin, and our own fire pit and charcoal grill. The community bathrooms were quite nice as well. Each rest area had a set of bathrooms, and each of those was a full bathroom, complete with a pay shower. All of these amenities are just a bonus for me; I would have been just as happy heading off into the woods on Friday night and not coming back until Sunday afternoon, but the rest of the family really enjoyed themselves.

The trails were decent as well. Nothing too long, just day or half-day hikes, but they seemed to be well maintained and they took us through some interesting scenery. They weren’t always that well marked, though. There’s a separate map you have to pick up for the trails, and just walking around the campground they’re not obvious.

Their website says they’re under new ownership. Since we’d never been before, we can’t compare what it is now to what it was under the old owners, but it seems like a great place. The cabins were very clean, and to my surprise, the community bathrooms were spotless as well… all weekend… Everything seemed very new as well, from the cabins to the appliances in them. So, while I’m not getting to camp MY way, it looks like we’ve found a spot where the family can all enjoy “camping”.

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