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Less 365 – A GREAT Idea! · July 20, 2010

I can’t remember whether I found this on Facebook or Twitter, but Randy Reddig posted this idea on his blog and it’s awesome.  The basic concept is to get rid of one thing in your house, everyday for a year.  I’ve thought about all the stuff I’ve accumulated and doing something like this with it for some time, but never put it into motion.  Now there’s a movement, and I’m on board!

To take his vision one step further, I’ve created a workbook for myself with a couple of spreadsheets: one tracks the stuff I’ve gotten rid of and how I did it with each, and the other is a brainstormed list of stuff that I can potentially get rid of in case I get stumped.  I’m also allowing myself the following rule: If I donate, sell, give away, or trash multiple items on the same day, such as a garage/yard sale, eBay, craigslist, etc, I can count each of those items as a different day’s Less 365 accomplishment for the next X days.  That way I can give myself a break for awhile if I need it by putting in more work ahead of time.  I’m also allowing books to count toward my goal, where Randy isn’t.  He must have much more shelf space than I. :-)

I’m also brainstorming what my actual goal will be here.  I know I won’t hit 365 items, as I’ve already skipped a couple of days this past weekend, so it needs to be something reasonable.  I also need to figure out what the reward is for achieving that goal, since it’s always nice to work toward and get a reward.

For now, you can follow the movement on Twitter.  Comments are welcomed!