The Gay Agenda? · March 20, 2010

Folks, I just had to post this. I got it from a comment by a guy with the nickname of JoePhilly on this article from USA Today.  I couldn’t tell if the poster was serious or not when posting this, but haven’t laughed so hard in a month.  I hope I’ve given enough accreditation here, as I would never want to steal anyone’s material. Enjoy!

“Gays have an agenda and they plan to destroy traditional marriage. Here is their plan (my wife stole it from her hair stylist).

1) Two gay guys buy the house next to yours. They fix up the lawn. And it is Immaculate!!! Your wife is so impressed, that she tells your fat lazy butt to put down the beer, get up off the couch, and fix YOUR lawn.

2) The gay guys invite your wife over for lunch. She sees that they have decorated their house, and it is incredible. When you get home from work, she explains that she wants to spend a fortune to redecorate your house. Fortunately, the gay guys provided sketches. You want to scream.

3) The gay guys agree with your wife that YOUR clothes are hideous. Together, they go out and buy new clothes for YOU. They go with lots of pastel colors because they compliment your skin tone .. whatever that means.

4) The gay guys give your wife a total make-over. She now looks better than when you married her. Meanwhile, you are still a lazy, fat, hair cover chia-pet … other men are now staring at your wife again.

5) One afternoon, one of the gay guys approaches you and offers to teach you about waxing your back, at this point you flip out and attack him. He subdues you because you are fat and lazy, and he goes to the gym twice a day. Your wife files for divorce.
6) Because of your violent actions, she gets the house … and you move to a trailer.

7) You then hear that your ex-wife has taken in a person who is renting a room … it’s a gay woman, a friend of the gay guys from next door.

8) Your 5 state killing spree begins.

If people don’t see this … I don’t know what to say.”

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